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Compared to young people a few decades ago, most people in their twenties are extremely materialistic, and lead a lavish and expensive lifestyle, not saving much money. So often during a financial or other emergency they do not have enough funds and require a payday loan. Today most medium and larger companies have largely computerized their payroll systems and have a tie up with nationalized or private sector banks. Knowing that these employees will get their salary credited to their account every month, the bank will usually offer subsidized personal loans for a financial emergency without much verification, and approval in a short period of time.

However, some young people will not repay the loan on time, adversely affecting their credit record and making it difficult for them to get another loan. These defaulters will then approach another bank for a loan, often for a small amount. For any bank, there is a lot of discretion involved in granting a loan, because a default can adversely affect the reputation and finances of the bank. While relatively inexperienced young staff, may not be able to recognize a shady borrower, most experienced bankers can immediately recognize a customer who is not likely to repay the banker.

For example, once two young men came to a private coop bank and were interested in a personal loan of Rs 20000, The young staff tried to avoid giving the personal loan saying that the bank processing fees for a loan of a small amount would be too high. An experienced banker said the young men were salaried people who would be getting their salary in some bank account, and the banker would be offering them personal loan and other loans at concessional rates, without any processing fees or documentation, because they already are aware of the financial history of the employees.

So for small amounts of a few hundred dollars, it is difficult to get a personal loan from a bank. So young people who require money for a financial emergency may often apply for a payday loan where little or no documentation will be required, other than a copy of the payin slip and a post dated cheque or agreement to automatically debit the bank account where the monthly salary is being deposited. The interest rate or fees charged will be often far higher than conventional bank charges, however for people with no savings, payday loans are the only option to get acess to quick funds.

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